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About uzo art gallery

Few words about Uzo Art Studio

First of all, let me thank you for visiting my art studio.

This studio was created out of the true love for art, self expressionism and passion. The studio is located in Israel and the t-shirts and art ship worldwide.  

As part of my vision i decided to create a place, where i can present and sell my art on one hand and create magnificent wearable art pieces in the form of T-shirts on the other hand. For me it is all about bringing the 2 together.

Every painting has several meanings to me, and i believe each shirt can symbolize something special for it’s owner. My creations are mostly emotional, abstract, colorful and multilayered arts that i create in various techniques in my studio.

I hope you will enjoy my wearable art 🙂
Thank you,

Shmulik Yaakobi

Few words about me

My name is Shmulik Yaakobi, I’m the proud owner of Uzo Art Studio and the creator of all the paintings, sketches and T-shirts that you will find on this website.
Growing up I always had a true passion for art, i remember myself as a child, chasing artistic projects and daydreaming about colors and paintings.

during the years life lead me to different directions and i had a good respectful day job as a broadcast engineer.
However, as years went by i could not resist my true passion anymore, and so i have decided to Paint! once i started i could no longer stop, the paintings came flowing out of me and i just had to continue creating them.

I have left my day job and now dedicating my life to sharing my art and vision of filling the world  with color and allowing people to wear art everywhere!

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